Magic Wands

Reese has really been missing her little friend from preschool, so we invited her over to play this morning.  They were so excited to see each other!  We thought it would be fun to make magic wands, so we got to work on those right away. 




They kept Snowflake the Unicorn close by at all times.


Every night I like to ask the kids what the best part of their day was.  Tonight I asked Reese, and she couldn’t remember what we had done today…

“Well, we had Wendy over to play in the morning and then we had lunch, I went visiting teaching and you got to play with Aubrey outside, we went to the library to do the reading program, then we drove over to find the missing “pea” so we could go back to the library and get your prize, then we jumped on the trampoline in the sprinklers, then we set up the tent, then we had a delicious bacon, chicken, and mozzarella dinner with green beans and almonds, then we played outside and read another couple of chapters in “Wind in the Willows” on the trampoline.”


“Oh, yeah!” she told me.  “Playing with Wendy was my favorite part!”  Sometimes I’ll ask them what the worst part of their day was.  Tonight she was stalling to go to bed (at 10 p.m.) and asked if she could tell me about the worst part of her day.  It took her a few seconds of thinking about it, but she couldn’t come up with the worst part of her day.  I think that means today was a good day 🙂



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