Reading on the Trampoline

Do you remember my post from a few months ago about how I was determined to read the kids “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”…?


Last night we FINALLY finished it!  It was a beautiful night so we put on our jammies, brought our pillow and blankets outside to sit on the trampoline, and read.  We had a few struggles with Reesie wanting to read some nights, but overall the kids were really excited to add reading to our nightly routine.  




Reese’s favorite part was “when the girl turned purple.”


My favorite part was when they went into the Chocolate Room.


Easton had three favorite parts:  1) “When they were in the glass elevator and it went up, up, UP!”  2) “When Grandma Josephine lost her teeth”.  3) “When Mike Teavee got stretched out really long.”


Tonight we started “The Wind in the Willows.”  Do you have any suggestions for what we should read next?


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