SUNSHINE and felt arrows!

I’ve been feeling really crafty over the last few days and have been working on several projects.  I fell in love with a sunshine art piece that I saw on Little Bit Funky’s Instagram feed, (Crystal is incredibly talented, and I love her IG feed, blog, and Etsy shop!) and knew that I wanted to make one like it as soon as I saw it. 

My dad had a feeling that I would find a use for some pallets he had, and he dropped a few off to me a few weeks ago.  Joe said the pallet would be too heavy to hang up, so he spent about an hour taking it apart for me and then hammering it back together without the super heavy supports on the back.  It’s still heavy, and I’m not sure if we’ll be able to hang it up, (at least not over our bed where I wanted it!), but I love it and I’ll find a place for it somewhere.


Looking back at this now, I wish that I would have used tape to make the lines of the sunshine straight, and I also messed up on the bottom right… I should have broken that up into two smaller rays instead of one big awkward one.  Oh well, it’s VERY handmade!  🙂   I think it might even make a cool table if I put some kind of sealant on the top.


My mom took the kids to stay the night with her yesterday, and I made these little felt arrows while I was waiting for Joe to get home for date night.  I’m going to put them on my table as a little centerpiece for now, but I kinda want to make some that are more boyish to put in Easton’s room.  Here’s a close up to show that they’re very much handmade.  No measuring or patterns for me, haha!


Joe and I went to I.F. last night and grabbed dinner to eat by the Falls.  We went to the batting cages for a few minutes, and then spent most of the evening at car dealerships.  We’ve about got it narrowed down to either a Hyundai Tucson…


or a Toyota RAV4…


We keep changing our minds at each dealership we visit, but I think these two are about the same as far as price, size, and mileage.  As I look at them side-by-side today I think I like the looks of the RAV4 a little more.  We’ve looked at so many little SUV’s over the last week that I seriously can’t keep them all straight, and I have to keep asking Joe which is which.  I hope we find one soon!


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