Lunch Date

We’ve been busy doing a lot of family stuff over the last few days.  We went to look at cars on Tuesday and had a fun day test driving a few.  Our little car is 13 years old…I think it’s finally time for an update!  My favorite one was a Mitsubishi Endeavor, but it was older too.  I think it would be perfect if we could find one that was maybe a 2009 or so.  Joe also likes the Toyota RAV 4 after we’ve driven my parents and decided that we both like it.  I’d really like to get something that sits a little higher off the ground than my car does now. 


The kids and I met with my friend Amy and her boys Dameon and Soreign this morning for a picnic at the park.  It was pretty windy, but the temperature was nice and the kids had a great time.  We had it pretty much to ourselves until a big group of kids from some kind of day camp arrived and then it got pretty crowded.  We also had our first good watermelon of the season…yay!

Our ward had a fundraiser dinner last night for the Young Women to earn money for girl’s camp.  We let the kids ride their bikes to that, and we visited for a little bit while we ate our lasagna.  The weather has finally been nice for the last few days.  I need to get out my camera and take some pictures before it gets yucky again!


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