Instagram stuff

I’m out at my mom’s today and we just finished eating some delicious stir-fry. I’ve been looking through some of my Instagram pictures and want to put some on here for my blog book.


Our family went to get ice cream one evening a few weeks ago and I snapped a picture of us in their mirror. Then there’s a pic of some stuff my dad was grilling. We also went to my niece Maria’s baby shower…this is a pic of her with her mom (Joe’s sister) Lisa. The last is Atrion and Reese at the craft store.


We watched Milo and Otis with Shy and Kairi out at my mom’s and let the kids have a picnic. The next is a pic of me trying out a braid in my hair. My berry almond chicken salad is back for the summer at Wendy’s…mmm! The last is my kids hurrying to keep up with Grammy at Lowe’s. We ran in to get wood shims for a mobile I’m going to make.


We went with Joe to look at bikes and I loved this cool orange one. It belonged to a customer and they were fixing something on it. The next pic shows Reese’s baby sister that she created, haha! She even named her Hadley…so cute! I found a cool ‘Shelby’ shirt at Target and I’m kinda sad I didn’t buy it. The last is us walking to the Bike Rodeo for Easton’s scout thing. I counted at least 3 wrecks at their safety obstacle course…oops!


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