Sno Shack

Aren’t the first snow cones of the season always the very best out of the whole year?  We’ve driven past the little Sno Shack every day for the last week or so, always in a hurry to get something else done, but on Friday we had the full day open to do whatever we wanted.  Sno Shack got all of our votes.  Well, everyone except for Joe because he was at work when we went.  I think he’s still a little sad that we went without him!



Reese made up her mind as soon as she heard “Bubble Gum” and didn’t even listen to the other options.  Easton listened to each and every one and went back and forth a few times before he finally settled on “Root Beer”.  I chose “Blue Hawaii” which had Blue Raspberry, Coconut, and Banana…I think, I’m having a hard time remembering if that’s what was really in it, but it was delicious whatever it was.




The three of us drove over to a little park and ate our snow cones and visited.  Easton is growing up on me and after a little while he asked if he could go sit on a bench a little ways away from where we were already sitting.  He’s showing more and more independence in little things every day, and I’m proud of him for the things that he does to help me around the house.  He takes out the garbage, vacuums, and helps fold the clothes.


Reese is always thinking of Easton and tries to make sure that he’s included in everything we do.  Reese and I went to the library one day when Easton was still in school and the librarian offered her a cookie that they had leftover from story time.  Reese asked if they had one more so she could bring one home to her brother, and she does that anytime we’re in a situation like that. I love that Reese is always making pictures or projects for someone, and will often ask me whose birthday is coming up next so she can get something ready for them. 


We spent Saturday with my parents in I.F. running a few errands.  Dad got some new glasses and mom needed to pick up some yarn for Atrion’s quilt.  I bought some wood shims at Lowe’s for a project that I’ll be working on this week.  We’re only into the very first part of summer vacation and I think I’m going to need a lot more ideas to keep my kids and I from going crazy over the next three months! 



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