Bungee Jumping!

Okay, we really haven’t been bungee jumping lately.  I just wanted to lift your hopes that I’d have something besides pictures of my kids on the trampoline.  Sorry, it’s probably not going to be different for quite a while.  Mostly because,  WE GOT A TRAMPOLINE OF OUR OWN!!!





There are warnings plastered all over our trampoline and Easton wanted to know what they meant.  Joe read the warnings to him and told him what ‘paralysis’ meant.  Easton thought about it for a second and said, “Wow.  Our trampoline sure is different from Grammie’s, because we can do all kinds of tricks on hers and not get hurt!”



Shy and Kairi came to visit us for the day today and the kids were playing on the tramp.  I looked up and saw that Easton and Kairi were on the outside perimeter of the netting running around it while Reese tried to shove Easton off from the inside.  Bring on the broken bones!!



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