Butterfly Flight DIY

I was scrolling through my Instagram feed yesterday and someone posted a picture of a butterfly in a mason jar.  I was surprised that there were so many negative comments about the picture and how inhumane it was to the butterfly.  My kids LOVE to catch butterflies in jars and watch them for the day, and then we let them go.  I feel like it’s a magical thing for kids to be able to watch a butterfly and examine it up close, but the comments on the other butterfly got me thinking and here’s what I came up with….


This is one of the easiest DIY crafts possible.  I found a butterfly in the dollar section at Michael’s and used some thin floral wire that I bought at Joann’s.


I wrapped the wire around the top of the mason jar a few times and then left a little bit sticking straight up at the top.  My butterfly had a clip on the back of it, so I just clipped the wire to the butterfly, but you could easily glue on your own clip, or even glue the butterfly directly to the wire.  The wire was really flimsy and flopped over a little bit, so I stuffed what came undone back into the mason jar.  That’s IT!!!


A super-easy DIY craft in about 2 minutes flat!  I’m going to display mine in my living room so we can all enjoy it.


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