New Skirt

Yesterday was the last day of school for Easton before summer break.  He talked Joe into riding bikes with him to school even though it was only 38 degrees and sprinkling a little bit.  At 8:15 we all went over to the school for a special assembly where Easton got a medal for the Elks Lodge Most Improved Reader.  He’s been reading like crazy and is on board #4 when most of the other kids only made it to the 2nd board, and 3 other students were on the 3rd board…(I’m not exactly sure what that means, but he also got some Skittles from his teacher for reading so much, so it must be good.)


I tried to sew this little skirt for Reese yesterday. It looks pretty good as long as you’re 10+ feet away from it, haha!  I didn’t have a pattern (or even know how to read one) and just kind of made it up as I went.  I just noticed in this picture that it’s falling off of her…oops!  The ends didn’t match up and there’s about a 1 inch gap between them…and I didn’t cut off the words on the end of the fabric and it’s showing at one place on the seam.  I also read about a trick where you can fold the material at the bottom and not have to hem it all….but it didn’t go together so well either!  Oh well, it’s a good play skirt and she loves it. 


I have more pictures from yesterday at Grammy’s and I’ll try to post them later this afternoon. 


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