Ice Cream Truck



Have I ever mentioned how much our family LOVES ice cream?  It’s a little crazy how much we like it.  Joe was outside when he spotted the ice cream truck, so he yelled for the kids to come running and they went out to wait for it.  Joe was laughing when he told me the ice cream truck didn’t even have it’s music on and was driving normal, but they still stopped for them. 


Ice cream trucks are a little creepy to me…but at least they’re all individually wrapped!  Joe told me that there was a little family inside the truck; dad was driving, mom was counting out change in the middle passenger seat, and their son was handing out the ice cream bars. 




Easton picked out a Spider Man bar with gumballs for eyes, and I’m not sure what kind Reese had but it looked delicious.  Joe got a Fat Boy.  He offered to grab something for me but I had Fudgies in the freezer so I was good.  (Also, you can barely see the rocks from our Nature Walk that Reese painted in the picture above this.)




We’re all super excited that the Snow Shack has opened for the summer and can’t wait to visit as soon as we have some time.  Shy and Kairi are here for a little visit, and Casey and Atrion will be here on Saturday (Cody had to stay in Tennessee to work 😦  Yesterday was one of our busiest days ever with company here, dance practice, typing, and a baseball game.  Reese had a great time at the dress rehearsal, but they had to call Easton’s game after they started because of lightning and rain.  This entire week is going to stay busy, but then things will slow down for the summer.


I’m so thankful for the support we have from family or we wouldn’t have gotten everything done that we needed.  My parents and Shy stopped by to visit (and then ran to grab us some pizza for an early dinner at 4:30).  I dropped Reese off and did my typing, while mom picked up Easton’s buddy and took them both to the game.  Then I went to pick up Reese from dance and Joe picked up the boys.  It’s crazy for us with just two kids…how do people do it with more than that?!!


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