Nature Walk


After our picnic the other day, Reesie and I headed over to the river to go for a Nature Walk. 





She had the best time tossing pebbles into the water!  It was so relaxing to just lounge in the sunlight and listen to her chatter and giggle.  We took turns trying to skip rocks and see who could throw them the furthest. 


She loves rocks so we found a few to add to her collection, and then grabbed a few bigger ones to bring home and paint.  They’re already decorating our front porch but I haven’t taken a picture of them yet.  Is it just me, or does it seem like rocks are a little hard to come by in our area?  We don’t have any at our house!


One of my best memories is going on Nature Walks with my parents when we were little.  I remember my mom coming up with the idea and putting little strips of paper into a jar.  There were different activities for us to do, and Cody and I were always hoping to get the Nature Walk.  We lived out in the country then, and my parents would take us for walks to see what we could find.  We loved to catch Water Skippers in the canal with mason jars and buckets, and we found all sorts of ladybugs and grasshoppers.  Going on Nature Walks are some of my best memories. 

I also remember hunting for asparagus with my mom and dad and wearing my “flag dress”.  I don’t think I have a picture of it anymore but it had a bright red top and the skirt was big and poofy with red, white, and blue like the flag.  There was a little bell that had been sewn into the skirt and I wore that dress everywhere!  I think Grandma Betty had found it for me at the D.I.  My dad went to toss me across the ditch to my mom on the other side and I must have panicked and ended up in the water.  I know that I was fine but I can’t remember anything about if Dad had to get in the water to get me back out again or if he just pulled me up.  Do you remember mom and dad?



I had a hard time pulling Reese away from the water when it was time to go back home to get Easton off the bus.  She would have stayed there all day if she could, and actually she said that she wanted to come back with a tent and camp there!  We’ll have to take more Nature Walks this summer.


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