Mother’s Day

This is what I get when I ask Joe to take a picture of me with the kids….


Mother’s Day happened to fall on our 11 year anniversary this year.  Last year Joe got me a diamond band to wear with my wedding ring.  I bought him a canvas bag that said, “I don’t count as a Sasquatch sighting.”  cringe.  I just wasn’t expecting anything like diamonds from him.  This year I wasn’t going to take any chances, and a few months ago I made him a book from PaperCoterie and it’s one of my favorite things ever.  The chalk board theme is my favorite thing right now, and they had a book design that fit our family perfectly.  I’ve ordered several things from them and I’ve been happy with everything.  You can use the code: MYLIFE thru 5/21/12 to get one of their My Life products for FREE!!! 



I got a combined Mother’s Day/Anniversary present from my little family.  It had things like a new razor, chocolate, and the thing that I’ve been asking for for months now….A NEW CAN OPENER!  Our last can opener was the bane of my existence.  It would take lots of tears and rage on my part just to open a can of soup.  I’m so excited for a new can opener!

You can see how excited they were to take a picture for me, haha!  Reesie made me a little “mom” magnet with her picture in the center of the O, and she gave me a star shaped lollipop.  Easton made me a cute card and a popsicle bracelet at school.

We went to church and the Moore family all gave talks in sacrament meeting.  They did such an amazing job!  Paul mentioned in his talk that when he got in trouble at school when he was little, Vera Oram was there to tell him that she didn’t know about the other boys, but he had been taught better than that.  Tears were running down my face just thinking about Vera (my grandma Betty’s best friend) and I missed them both so much.  It was such a good meeting and I’m happy that we were there to listen.  They passed out plants to all of the moms at the end (both Easton and Reese were a little upset that I chose a tomato plant instead of flowers!)

We walked home after church and then went out to my parents house.  Dad made some hot dogs and potato stuff for all of us, and we got to Skype with Shy and Cody’s families.  My mom gave me a necklace that our friend Haley made and I love it so much!  She does custom orders and you can visit her FaceBook page here.  I had her make a keychain for Joe’s mom for Mother’s day and it turned out really cute too!

Joe’s sister Tammy stopped by our house later that evening and brought me a cute notebook and pen that she had embellished with scrapbook stuff…so cute!!!  You can see that I had a really great Mother’s Day/Anniversary.  I hope you all had a great day too! 


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