Friends and Forts

Reese has been wanting to invite her friend Wendy from preschool over to our house, so she got to come home with us after they were done with school a few days ago.  I also got a call from my friend Amy in the afternoon to say that she was at a doctor’s appointment with their new baby and asked if her boys could ride the bus home with Easton.  The boys kind of did their own thing, and the girls did the same, but they all seemed to have a lot of fun!



I talked them into doing one picture with the boys and girls together, but they weren’t very excited about it, haha!


The big thing at our house lately has been blanket forts.  Reese wanted to build one every day last week, and then she would spend hours inside of it.  She brought Oatmeal in with her, and they opened up several shops to sell things.  She carried all of my shoes in one day and had me come to her store and buy them all back.  She also sold Squinkies, books, and candy.  We set up the DVD player to watch a movie and have a picnic together when Easton was at school.


This tent was one of the smaller ones that she had.  Some of them got pretty big!


This next picture is one that Easton was helping her build.  It got quite a bit bigger by the time they were finished too.  I’m not sure why I didn’t think to take a picture of it after they were done!



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