Instagram pics

I’m trying to do an Instagram post on my iPod…now to see if I can add pics.


I was pretty excited about Reese’s hair this day. I usually can’t get French braids to work, but I had better luck doing it sideways. Holli and I went to see the Hunger Games movie and Katniss wore her hair like this. We both read the books and thought they did a good job on the movie!


Easton is playing baseball again this year. Our schedule gets pretty hectic between baseball, scouts, and dance for Reese…on top of church stuff, work, and typing. It seems like we’re always running somewhere!


I went to Idaho Falls last weekend with Joe’s sisters: Marie, Tammy, and Lori. We met up with their niece Maria (who is going to have a baby girl in a couple months!) and her little boy Adan. It’s always so fun to get together with them…love them all!


It’s not very often that I wake up before Reese, but I kinda love it when I do!


Reesie and I played Badminton today, rode bikes, and enjoyed fresh baked PB cookies outside.


Tonight was our first cub scout pack meeting. Easton got an award and then we flew kites.



I think that about catches us up to today!


I can’t get this pic of Holli and I to go back up to the top of the page! I’m also having a hard time remembering if I’ve posted things on my blog, Instagram, or Facebook, haha!


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