New Blog!


Well I was trying to update the header on my blog today when I got a message that I’ve reached the limit on my picture uploads.  WHAT?!!  I’ve heard about that happening to “other” people but didn’t really think it would happen to me.  Haha, just kidding… I’m surprised that it didn’t happen a long time ago with all of the hundreds of pics that I post!

I’ve been working on this new WordPress blog all afternoon and it seems so much more complicated than what I’ve been used to with Blogger.  I have no idea how to change things and get them to turn out the way I want, but I’m working on it like a crazy woman…because that’s what I do!  I just realized that I don’t even know how to add a picture!  Hmmmm… I’ll have to try that out…

It seems to be working but that wasn’t as big as I like.  I’ll have to try again…

I’ll have to keep playing around with this until I get the hang of it.  I’ve been thinking I need to do more journaling and stuff.  I read Jami Nato’s blog and she is so dang funny!  I laugh at almost every one of her posts and she makes me want to be more honest with the things I blog about.  I posted this on FaceBook but I have to share this quote from Jami on here too…

“i bought the huge block of beeswax, because it was so pretty. my husband is cringing as he reads that…he’s all like, quit going over budget at whole foods. that’s like saying jami, quit growing a mustache. it’s impossible.”

HAHAHAHA!  See what I mean?!!  She’s hilarious, and I can completely relate: both about her buying beeswax because it’s pretty, and growing a mustache!  If you get a chance you should stop by her blog and read for a while, but make sure you have plenty of time…and it might be best if you’re home alone when you read it because you’ll be laughing so much that you might make those really embarrassing snorts when you laugh.  Or maybe that’s just me!

Okay, I think I’m going to try and publish this thing and see what happens…LEAVE ME A COMMENT SO I KNOW YOU FOUND ME!  Pretty please 🙂


4 thoughts on “New Blog!

  1. Melissa Helton says:

    No way! There’s a picture limit?! I tried WordPress for about 2 seconds and gave up because I couldn’t figure it out. I’m sure you will though. There’s a YouTube video out there to show how to do anything!! Ha! Good luck!

  2. Casey Wootton says:

    *scoff* Picture limit? Lame-o. You are so funny. I love reading your blog but unfortunately I never check blogger because I don’t blog much lately, so you need to continue to keep posting that you have blogged on Facebook so my lazy self can just click and go. 🙂 Also, I love your header. I still cannot figure out how to make a header. I can download cute ones, but how do I get the picture and text in there?

    • shelbyadakai says:

      Thanks Casey! I just mess around with everything in Photoshop for my header. I’m not the best at explaining that, but there are TONS of tutorials out there depending on which editing program you use. The most important part seems to be setting your size up at the beginning. WordPress is 960×260 pixels and Blogger is probably pretty close to that.

  3. Sharee says:

    Hey Shelby, Yeah I started a wordpress too and gave up on it as well. I guess I’ll use blogger until they tell me I’m over my picture limit as well…lol! Good luck!

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